Brooklyn Street Art

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Anthony Lister Talks to BSA : Analysis and Constant Consideration

“I’m like a hairdresser I guess.” Painter Anthony Lister is also a Street Artist. His surreal pop and celebrity culture-infused abstractions are candy encrusted apples which may have something sharp inside. Many are figurative studies and wire frames bending wildly into characters who cavort and mock with blunt swipes of color, overlaid by costumed sexual […]

FUTURA Does a Piece Called “Brooklyn Street Art”

One of the many cool things about this LA experience is that artists took the charge of “Stories” in a variety of directions. The observation that we have had for a few years now, and the one we talked about to whomever we met last week, is that many of today’s street artists are telling […]

Various and Gould say, “Street Art Saved OUR Lives”

Street Artists Various and Gould are showing one of the more entertaining pieces at the show on Friday – entirely in the vein of their fun-loving style. The difference now is they are using their own faces and creating a self portrait for the first time, called, “Street Art Saved OUR Lives”. The wacky duo […]

BSA Debut: C215 Tells It Like It Is (Video)

French stencil artist C215 has just released this video, a stylized manifesto of sorts giving his view on his art, his work, and the current state of Street Art. We are pleased he is participating in “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories” this August in LA, and this short but powerful video […]

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