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Alan KET Brings You “Urban Art Legends”

A new hard cover book by Alan Ket aka KET One will be released next month that spotlights a select group of artists from both the graffiti and Street Art scenes, people whom KET calls “Urban Art Legends”. KET: “Urban Art Legends” Lom Art. London 2015. (photo © Jaime Rojo) “This book is about the […]

“Tracing Morocco”, Hendrik Beikirch

Dignity in “Tracing Morrocco” gives pause, requests your consideration. Last year we wrote about Hendrik Beikirch’s journey to Morocco, The Trades. With the support of the Foundation Montresso he embarked  on a project to paint the portraits of people whose trades might be in danger of becoming obsolete and/or disappearing due to the complexities of […]

Ein Wandblatt Aus Wien Issue #3: Erotik Edition

Who says zines died with the printing press? The Internet may have completely redefined how we communicate but the appetite for hand made independent publications has only strengthened in recent years, especially as major publishers have consolidated and changed their strategies to safe titles and topics just to stay alive. Ein Wandblatt Aus Wien. Issue […]

“Djerbahood” Book About Tunisian Open-Air Museum Of Street Art

It seems like we’ve talked to you about this great project before and undoubtedly you have heard of it, but we weren’t prepared to see the high-quality, visually succulent and densely compiled tome that arrived in the mail this spring commemorating Djerbahood. Djerbahood/Open-Air Museum Of Street Art. Mehdi Ben Cheikh. Editons Albin Michel. Paris 2015 […]

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