Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Film Friday: 02.16.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “The Clown” Harmen De Hoop 2. Artist’s Artist: The Process of Gary Lichtenstein 3. FinDAC: “The Wild Rose” 4. Ultra Wide by Good Guy Boris BSA Special Feature: “The Clown” Harmen De Hoop Harmen De Hoop […]

Scenes From a Spanish Restaurant : The Culinary Delicacies of DavidL

Barcelona Street Art may have been booted from many streets a few years ago during a period of commercial fueled gentrification but that organic scene sparked a generation of talents who continue to transform abandoned spots nevertheless. We continue to see fully executed pieces from this area of Spain that are highly imaginative and technically […]

Tell It to The Judge ; Graffiti Artists Win in 5 Pointz Case

In a ruling that many graffiti and Street Artists interpret as a validation of their artwork and which may spawn further legal claims by artists in the future, Brooklyn Judge Frederic Block, a United States Federal Judge for the Eastern District of New York, awarded $6.7 million in damages to a group of 21 artists […]

Berlin Wall Milestone : Down as Long as It Was Up

The Berlin Wall has now been down as long as it was up. 28 years, two months and 27 days passed in both cases, and we are still looking for sane global policy about the freewill of people to prevail. Ronald Reagan, a Republican president lauded by the right, once intoned while standing in front […]

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