Brooklyn Street Art

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First Monograph by Germany’s ECB is “Blurring Boundaries”

Hendrik ECB Beikirch “Blurring Boundaries” (photo of book spread by Jaime Rojo) A respectable and rich first monograph by German Street Artist Hendrik Beikirch, known on the street as ECB, Blurring Boundaries aptly explains the area between his graffiti roots and photo-realist portraiture that makes room for emotion. Discovering the hip-hop world in the late [...]

MORIK Starts the 2014 Urban Forms Festival in Łódź, Poland

Urban Forms in Łódź, Poland marks year 5 and their 31st wall for the city with Russia’s Morik and iterative laying that mimics the digital art made by plan and happenstance during the day of a designer. A Street Artist with roots in graffiti, Morik hails from Siberia and has an illustration style encompassing this [...]

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.21.14

Autumn in New York yo! Crisp cool, sunny days. Girls in tight sweaters. Boys in combat boots. Every cool air festival you can think of is all happening simultaneously – skateboarders closing down Kent Ave on BKs north side, Indian Larry’s block party with motorcycles of every stripe, and this years San Gennaro festival in [...]

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