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ASU Calligraffiti and Contorno Urbano

“Leave the rationality of your brain and listen to your heart, what you feel, what vibrates,” recommends ASU, the muralist painting the Contorno Urbano wall in Barcelona this month. ASU. Contorno Urbano Foundation. 12 + 1 Project. Barcelona, September 2018. (photo © Alex Miró) Since he was a kid the Franco-Spanish philosopher-artist says he has […]

Luca Ledda, Carnivorous Plants, and “Gulia Urbana” in South of Italy

“Gulìa Urbana” is what its called here in Mangone, Calabria in the South of Italy. Nestled in a wooded mountainous area and surrounded by agriculture and small vineyards, the festival for the roughly 1,800 inhabitants marks September as the end of summer and the beginning of harvest. Luca Ledda. “Sarracenia Flava”. Gulìa Urbana Festival. Mangone, […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.16.18

Welcome to the beginning of fall in New York, hopefully not the Fall of New York – although you can never tell when monetary policy is incredibly loose and we’re living in an “everything bubble” about to burst. Here in NYC people used to say the major industries were FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) and […]

Adele Renault Takes Flight With a Message of “Feathers and Faces”

For many the shock of Silent Spring was not that the chemical industry had run roughshod over the rules and poisoned our water, air, and soil. For a large number of readers it was the fact that Rachel Carsen’s “fable for tomorrow” included a vision of the future that we didn’t want to imagine; our […]

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