Brooklyn Street Art

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In Istanbul the “Language Of The Wall”, Street Art, and Graffiti

“The Language Of The Wall. Graffiti / Street Art” Pera Museum. Istanbul, Turkey No Street Artist is a prophet in his own land, to paraphrase the Latin “Nemo propheta in patria”. To see a large show of new Street Art in a museum right now don’t think of New York.  Surprisingly a vibrant and impactful [...]

X-O and Amanda Marie Go To Philadelphia

‘Beautiful Times – Philly Stop’ As we follow the “Beautiful Times” summer tour of X-O and Amanda Marie we find them in the city of brotherly love laying down layers of stencils and building out abandoned places with found object constructions. All tolled, the number of completed projects in this city made it the most [...]

Project M/5 Curated by Roland Henry & VNA in Berlin

The Berlin adventure entitled Urban Nation is readying for substantial renovation over the next year and meanwhile has embarked on rotating external exhibition of artists from many disciplines called ProjectM. Today we bring you images of the most recent in the series called M/5, curated by Roland Henry in conjunction with VNA Magazine and give [...]

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