Brooklyn Street Art

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Icy & Sot: International “Last Supper” & Almighty Dollar in Coney Island

“In this piece they are all figures from different currencies – like from Iran, Korea, China, England, the US, Pakistan…,” says Sot of the new one layer stencil they are preparing for Jeffrey Deitch’s Coney Art Walls, opening this Memorial Day weekend in Brooklyn to 80 degree temperatures. We’re inside their Bushwick studio, which is […]

Jetsonorama’s New Piece in Telluride and “Wastewater Snow”

“What we do to the mountains we do to ourselves,” says the blocky hand written text across the Native American activists Klee and Princess Benally, and on the face of it you’re bound to agree with this gently oblique environmental sentiment. However, at the base of this black, white and crimson red portrait is a […]

Olek Crochets The New York Times: “Good News” At Virginia MOCA

It’s a “good news” day! A perfect sunny spring day to flip through the newspaper while sitting at the windowsill and enjoy the gentle breezes that will lead us to summer. Olek. Virginia MOCA. April 2016. (photo © Olek) It’s good news especially for Street/crochet/fine artist Olek at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.22.16

No time to talk, you’ve been running to the streets to see new pieces and peaches like a new D*Face in Soho, Rubin’s solo show in the Bronx, the Brooklyn-themed pop up at Doyle’s Auction house in Manhattan, Swoon and Shep and Swizz at Pearly’s in LA, the Social Sticker club collabo melee with Roycer […]

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