Brooklyn Street Art

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Slinkachu Miniaturizes the Scale in Stockholm at “Magic City”

Every world is a microcosm of another. Yes, we know that is very deep. Slinkachu. Magic City Stockhom. Stockholm, Sweden. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Here we are in Stockholm, Sweden peering in at the microcosm of the street art/graffiti/urban art scene that is Magic City and we realize that this huge warehouse out by the […]

Kazzius “In Search of the Movement” : High Speed Geometry in Spain

Graffuturism in Barcelona today as KAZZIUS speaks geometry and abstraction on a wall for Contorno Urbano. Rapid fire planes of aqua, marine, and yellow all shoot along an invisible line, pile, collide, sub divide, reform, and continue forward in a split second. He calls this “In Search of the Movement”, but it looks like the […]

Alva Moca and “Panther Power” in Barcelona for 12 + 1 Project

Organic patterning that verges on Op Art tumbled with flatly folk outsider aesthetics, commercial diagrammatics and Picasso cut-outs, Spanish artist Alva Moca has a lot going on in his head. Alva Moca. “Panther Power”. Fundación Contorno Urbano. 12 + 1 l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. (photo © Clara Antón) Seen through a multi-practice lens of graffiti, […]

DAZE: “Daily Commute”, Solo in NYC

Most people commute to and from work. Some spend hours caught in rush hour traffic, trapped in their cars. Others use their bikes or skateboards or a bobbing, roaring ferry. Some lucky ones just walk. In New York City most commuters use the subway and the buses to get to their offices, kitchens, stores, classrooms, […]

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