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The 2014 BSA Year in Images (VIDEO)

Here it is! Our 2014 wrap up featuring favorite images of the year by Brooklyn Street Art’s Jaime Rojo. Before our video roundup below here is the Street Art photographer’s favorite of the year: Ask Jaime Rojo, our illustrious editor of photography at , who takes thousands of photographs each year, to respond to [...]

Specter Shows Versatility in His Approach to the Street

Specter’s Ad Takeovers Signal a New Direction Toward Photography and Abstraction, for now A curator at a major American museum told us this weekend that he’s discovered there are two major categories of great artists: the first one hits on a great idea or process or technique and stays with it throughout the rest of [...]

BSA Images Of The Week: 12.07.14

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Adnate, Amanda Wong, Clet, Dasic, David Walker, Droid 907, Eurotrash, Hunt, Jim Vision, Mr. Oneteas, Specter, and WUFC Crew. Top Image >> Adnate for The Bushwick Collective. Detail. (Photo © Jaime Rojo) Adnate for The Bushwick Collective. (Photo © Jaime Rojo) Dasic (Photo © Jaime [...]

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