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Alberto Montes, Catalonia on Oct 1 Anniversary of Vote to Secede – New Mural “Politics of Lucidity”

Fresh from his residency at a nun’s convent called Creença (Belief), Alberto Montes takes on the “Politics of Lucidity” in this new mural in Barcelona here on October 1st one year after Catalan voted to secede from Spain in a vote Madrid deemed illegal. A moody monocrome scene of people placing votes, Montes says he […]

ASU Calligraffiti and Contorno Urbano

“Leave the rationality of your brain and listen to your heart, what you feel, what vibrates,” recommends ASU, the muralist painting the Contorno Urbano wall in Barcelona this month. ASU. Contorno Urbano Foundation. 12 + 1 Project. Barcelona, September 2018. (photo © Alex Miró) Since he was a kid the Franco-Spanish philosopher-artist says he has […]

Pop Culture at Citric Festival in Torreblanca, Spain

Celebrity, photorealism, illustration, fantasy, spectacle. These have always been part of popular art culture and have had an increasingly strong representation in Street Art culture, particularly in the last decade and a half as well. Pablo lurking over the wall by Cobre Art. Citric Festival 2018. Torreblanca, Spain. (photo © Lluís Olivé Bulbena) Since the […]

Praying for Money with INO in Ibiza

Yes, money falling from the sky, that’s what people pray for sometimes. As long as those metal coins flying at high speed don’t hit you or your dog, it would appear to be a splendid idea. INO had the scenario in mind in Ibiza, Spain for the BLOOP festival, and he painted this mural of […]

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