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Kazzius “In Search of the Movement” : High Speed Geometry in Spain

Graffuturism in Barcelona today as KAZZIUS speaks geometry and abstraction on a wall for Contorno Urbano. Rapid fire planes of aqua, marine, and yellow all shoot along an invisible line, pile, collide, sub divide, reform, and continue forward in a split second. He calls this “In Search of the Movement”, but it looks like the […]

Scenes From a Spanish Restaurant : The Culinary Delicacies of DavidL

Barcelona Street Art may have been booted from many streets a few years ago during a period of commercial fueled gentrification but that organic scene sparked a generation of talents who continue to transform abandoned spots nevertheless. We continue to see fully executed pieces from this area of Spain that are highly imaginative and technically […]

DavidL Paints Hitchcock, Warhol, Tim Burton, Kubrick: Through The Lens of Fer Alcala

Photographer Fer Alcala recently explored an abandoned place known to some as Fraggle Rock with Street Artist/graffiti writer DavidL, who is specializing in personality infused portraits of cinematic and pop personae drawn primarily from the second half of the 20th century. Today he tells BSA readers about his experience on this road trip. How I […]

Julieta XLF & Bifido Emancipate “Le Baccanti” in Requena

The  Street Art duo of Julieta XLF and Bifido continues to produce works that blend together their strongest individual talents with elements of photorealism and decorative painting organically combined. This time we are in Requena, Spain and looking at the reflection of a girl looking at herself as a free woman, say the artists. “Le […]

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