Brooklyn Street Art

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“Bring To Light” Brings to Life

Brooklyn Does “Nuit Blanche”
Talking with the Producer and One of the Organizers of New York’s First
In New York there aren’t many venues where both the artists and the public get to mingle and talk directly with each other in an open an unrestricted environment: No VIP rooms, no PR handlers, no spokespeople, no velvet ropes, admission tickets, no one looking down their nose. The organizers of
“Bring to Light” made this possible for one glorious night in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Perhaps 10,000 art lovers got out of their homes to enjoy one evening of free enlightenment and possibly some magic in an outdoor setting open to the public without restriction.

New Specter at MOCADA

The “Pink Elephant” show at the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts (MOCADA) in Brooklyn opened Thursday night and continued through the weekend with events and discussions about gentrification and it’s effects on culture, neighborhoods, and people. This exhibition, guest curated by Dexter Wimberly, looks at urban planning, eminent domain, and real estate development and […]