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Louis Masai: Onward Ho! To San Francisco with “The Art Of Beeing”

Onward Ho! We are Bioneers of the brave new world! The “Art of Beeing” Tour has made it to San Francisco, and London muralist and Street Artist Louis Masai has met some bee keepers, painted some Island Foxes, and talked at the Bioneer Conference. He also held a “Bee Hotel and Seed Bomb Workshop”, as […]

One Street Portrait a Day: Artist Mel Waters Celebrates Black History in San Francisco

“There are some beautiful people out there that have left the world better off.  I’m glad I could share some of them over Black History Month, one portrait at a time,” says Mel Waters when talking about his piece-a-day project in San Francisco’s Mission District in February. Funded from his own pocket, the 34 year old […]

BSA’s Piece on “Submerged Motherlands” Acclaimed for Year

BSA with Swoon at Brooklyn Museum Sited by Huff Post Editors as Proud Moment of 2014 We’re very pleased and thankful to be included in this short list chosen by the editors of Huffington Post Arts & Culture as a story they are most proud of publishing last year. In her introduction to the list, […]

Happy New Year 2015 – BSA Readers Choice Top 10

Happy New Year to All! Thank you for inspiring us to do our best and to those of you who continue to support our personal art project / cultural examination, we extend our gratitude more than ever. Begun as an enthusiastic discovery of what was happening in a few neighborhoods in New York, we continued […]

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