Brooklyn Street Art

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NemO’s Bunches Heads Together Like Grapes in Roman Suburb

This mural program is “maintaining a complete detachment from the speculation of the art system,” says Street Artist NemO’s of Muracci Nostri. However he looks quite attached to this wall. NemO’S. Primavalle, Rome. November 2016. (photo © Laura Lepera) Rappelling down its’ side using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a […]

Fintan Magee in Rome and Rising Tides Around Your Knees

Fintan Magee typically can knock out one of his murals rather quickly in a matter of 4 or 5 days, thanks to experience and focus. In Rome for his new show at the Varsi Gallery, he had to work between the raindrops and wind of inclement weather to create this magic realism inspired image of […]

MP5: “Millennials” Holding Up the Future and Past in Rome

“I wanted to go back to the millennial roots of public and monumental art,” MP5 tells us about the inspiration for the new intervention in Torpignattara entitled “Millennials”. The Naples born Roman artist draws upon contemporary themes as well as classical in their 2D black and white iconic paintings, always with a hint of theatrical […]

Spring Has Sprung : BonBon, UNO, and OX on the Street

It has been two days since the Sun was directly over the Equator and she is heading north to bring the Global North a lot of flowers and blossoms in the earliest spring since 1896. Today we have newly budded interventions from three cities in this warming hemisphere that may make you think of Spring […]

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