Brooklyn Street Art

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Nanook and Overunder Saw a Building in Half in Reno

For those who were perplexed by the title of ‘residency’ in Banksy’s recent visit to New York, lets just say it was rather tongue-in-cheek to call it that. Artists have been applying for and getting residencies for many years from benefactors of one sort or another – institutions and individuals offering opportunities for artists to [...]

BSA Covers the Globe, Top Stories with HuffPost in ’12

BSA is not just Brooklyn, you know. Last year we brought you new Street Art from Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore, Berlin, Boston, Bronx, Brooklyn, Brisbane, Bristol, Costa Rica, Chicago, China, Dominican Republic, The Gambia, Guatemala, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Istanbul, Italy, Jamaica, Johannesburg, Kenya, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Miami, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Norway, NYC, Palestine, Panama, Paris, [...]

Overunder and ND’A in Nevada

A Street Art Residency is born in Reno The Street Art scene exists at least partially in tandem with the digital sphere and one of its effects on the concept of community is that artists today are more mobile and internationally connected to one another than their pre-Internet graffiti predecessors were. The growth of connectivity [...]