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Willow and Swil : Hunting, Capturing and Exploring in Brooklyn

Street art brothers Willow and Swil have just populated the streets with their wheat-pastes toward the end of summer here in Brooklyn. Urban Naturalists, that’s what we call them – studies and sketches and paintings of fauna and reptiles, bears and busts of figures and friends and music heroes. Swil (photo © Jaime Rojo) These […]

Swoon Across a Red Corrugated Wall in Red Hook

If you have been in New York this spring or summer we hope you have had the opportunity to see Swoon’s site specific installation “Submerged Motherlands” currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum until August 24. She has taken part in a number of programs with the museum during this time including speaking with us […]

Fun Friday 09.21.12

Yo Yo what’s up all the Brooklyn peepuls and the New Yorkers and the LA’ers and the Chicago’ers and the Stavanger Norway buddies and shout out to Martha as she hangs in Johannesburg today and to everybody who’s brave enough to tap into the creative spirit. Today in Brooklyn it’s sunny and bright and there’s […]

BSA Presents: “Geometricks” and Vandal or Visionary Series Curated by Hellbent at Gallery Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)

Geometricks BSA Presents GEOMETRICKS Curated by Street Artist Hellbent As part of their Vandal or Visionary Series, where BSA selects one Street Artist to curate a show that follows their specific vision of the scene, BSA is proud to introduce Hellbent as curator of the inaugural show of the series titled “GEOMETRICKS” at new Gallery […]

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