Brooklyn Street Art

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Fountain 2013 Shots of Street Art Above and Below

The Fountain fair raised the Street Art to the rafters this year with an installation curated by Mighty Tanaka Gallery and Robots Will Kill. The canvasses wave above the exhibit floor in this historic Armory space while below thousands of people milled through the booths of a varied collection of this years offerings. Here are […]

Fun Friday 07.27.12

Let the Games Begin! (oh no, does that violate an Olympic copyright?) Here’s our Olympian sized Olympic Fun Friday Olympiatastic list, sponsored by nobody. 1. BOB ROSS REMIX (VIDEO) 2. KingBrown Group Show at Klughaus (NYC) 3. Quel Beast Solo Reception at Gallery Bar (NYC) 4. Believe the Hype at Pandemic Saturday (BKLN) 5. REVOK […]

Faces Ink Presents: Quel Beast Solo Reception at Gallery Bar (Manhattan, NY)

Quel Beast New York street artist Quel Beast will have a reception this Friday the 27th from 7-10pm at Gallery Bar for his large, vibrantly colored portraits. The influence of New York’s rich street art and graffiti legacy shows up in the bright colors and bold lines Quel Beast uses to bring his faces to life.  A […]

Art In Odd Places: The Crest Hardware Art Show

Your local hardware store could also be the next “It” neighborhood gallery if they take Joe Franquinha’s lead.   The second generation owner of Crest Hardware in Brooklyn’s north side has been launching an art show for the last few years in this former working class neighborhood that began swimming with artists a decade ago. […]

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