Brooklyn Street Art

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QRST Flowers and Ephemerality of Life and Death

We see a lot of ugly and pretty things on the street – that’s just the range you will run into in the glorious public sphere. Hell I saw a guy almost get killed by a double decker NYC tour bus on Friday at dusk on 15th Street and 5th Avenue, no lie. Dude just [...]

BSA Picks 19 Things to See at DUMBO ARTS FEST 2014

New York Clobbers Fall again and one of the finest examples of art in the public sphere has again returned to swing the aesthetic bat straight at your head with the DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL. With it comes the electrifying Brooklyn energy that transforms the street into a place you actually want to be in, linger [...]

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.07.14

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Crummy Gummy, Dan Witz, Dasic, Dot Dot Dot, Flood, Hama Woods, Jaye Moon, Jerk Face, LMNOPI, Mr. Toll, Ostream, Pobel, QRST, Robert Janz, The Department of Well Being, Tilt, and Todo Es Mentira. Top Image >> Tilt. Stavanger, Norway. September, 2014. Tilt embellishes his throwie [...]

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