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Pure Evil Gallery Presents: PROZAC “Multifaces” A Solo Exihibition (London, UK)

PROZAK In this exhibition, the Brazilian artist Prozak presents prints and paintings in mixed media on paper, continuing his research on transparencies and overlays, exploring the levels of saturation and contrast between colors, and the reaction between the materials used. These peculiar portraits, almost abstracts, contain multiple faces, skulls and masks mixed with expressions of […]

Pure Evil Gallery Presents: Deedee Cheriel “Little Spirit and the Infinite Longing” (London, UK)

From a previous career playing in seminal bands, Los Angeles based artist Deedee Cheriel has evolved into an acclaimed and sought-after street artist and one of the genre’s few female success stories. Her first solo exhibition in the UK – Little Spirit and the Infinite Longing – utilizes seemingly disparate influences including Indian temple imagery, […]

Pure Evil Gallery Presents: TizerOne Solo Show (London, UK)

TIZER – Solo Show opens this Thursday… We arent going to go on and on about how awesome he is, if you dont know, get to know him… and his art.. He’s a bit of a Legend.. Please follow and like us:

Pure Evil Gallery Presents: “New York Kings” A Group Exhibition. (London, UK)

Pure Evil Gallery COPE2, INDIE 184, BLADE, STAY HIGH 149, SEN2, FUZZ ONE, POEM, BOM5, RD 357, DECK, EASY & JOZ Over three decades ago, the mean streets and projects of Philly, Detroit & NYC began to blossom bright with spray-painted tales and tags of inner-city ‘hoodrats armed with spray cans, innate artistic talent, and […]

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