Brooklyn Street Art

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Kabul to Brooklyn, Street Art and Graffiti as Common Ground

Afghanistan is not the first place you think of when someone says Street Art scene and Kabul would certainly be sort of low on your list of urban art festivals to check out, but surprisingly it has both. These are a couple of the revelations we had earlier this month when BSA welcomed three 20-something […]

FAILE’s Towering Night at the Ballet

The dance of high and low art lifts 40 feet into the air as Brooklyn Street Art duo Faile unveil their repertoire of ironic pop imagery at the New York City Ballet this week. As street artists in the then-industrial wasteland of Williamsburg at the turn of the century, Patrick Miller and Patrick McNeil would […]

Brand New Faile Video – The 1986 Challenger Crash and It’s Impact

“Street Art: It’s a Living Breathing Thing on the Street,” says Patrick Miller A few months ago, the independent doc filmmakers from Ride5 Films interviewed FAILE and did a beautiful, striking job of it. The five-minute short film explores the motivation and the message behind their art – why they make it, how they make […]

Faile Studio Visit: Readying for Rubenstein

A visit with Street Art collective Faile in their Brooklyn studio finds the industrious duo at the center of a small cluster of assistants working on many projects simultaneously. The print shop at the Faile studio. (Photo © Jaime Rojo) The air of collaboration is evident in this maze of activity – as well as […]