Brooklyn Street Art

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Images of the Week: 04.21.13

Here’s our weekly interview of the street, this week featuring $hota, Armer, bunnyM, C215, Curtis Kulig, DAO, Demian Smith, Essencia, Gyser, Irade, Joseph Meloy, Judith Supine, Love Me, Meres, Monsieur  Plume, Patch Whiskey, Raid Crew, Mr. Blob, Robert Janz, SEN2, Shiro, Smogk, Spagnola, Theo David, and Thomas Buildmore . Top image > Spagnola (photo © […]

Fun Friday 02.10.12

1. Giants Fans in Manhattan Streets (VIDEO) 2. “F*ck Art” at Museum of Sex 3. CASA DE EMPENO at Anonymous (Mexico City) 4. “Love & Hate” Group Show at Stolen Space (London) 5. CREEPY at Okazi Gallery (Berlin) 6. Chris Stain and H. Veng Smith at C.A.V.E. Gallery (Los Angeles) 7. Winter Group Show at […]

“F*ck Art” Opens Wide at Museum Of Sex (Not Safe for Work / School)

Be Sure to Ride the 14 Foot Long “F*ck Bike” “F*ck Art”, an undulating and adventurous group show by New York Street Artists opens its arms and legs to you at the Museum of Sex (MoSex) tomorrow and whether it’s the human powered penetrating bicycle or the glass bead encrusted dildo, it endeavors to satisfy. […]

The Museum of Sex Presents: “F*ck Art” A Group Show (Manhattan, NYC)

Fuck Art