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Pandemic Breaks Out Inaugural Show Featuring Epic EKG Piece

It’s baaaaaack.  And not a minute too soon. Pandemic Gallery re-opens tonight in the Navy Yard area in Brooklyn with a bigger more commodious location for freethinkers unconcerned with the white box. Rooted in the graffiti and Street Art scene, proprietors and co-curating artists Robin Drysdale and Keely Brandon apply their vision of what they […]

Pandemonium on the Walls at Pandemic

Brooklyns’ Pandemic Gallery recently invited a sort of painted pandemonium to fill all the walls of their space for a summer art party. Shoulder to hip and head to toe, this mixture of artists is actually emblematic of this moment in Brooklyn history and representing the raucous variety of styles that are mashing and mixing […]

Fun Friday 07.27.12

Let the Games Begin! (oh no, does that violate an Olympic copyright?) Here’s our Olympian sized Olympic Fun Friday Olympiatastic list, sponsored by nobody. 1. BOB ROSS REMIX (VIDEO) 2. KingBrown Group Show at Klughaus (NYC) 3. Quel Beast Solo Reception at Gallery Bar (NYC) 4. Believe the Hype at Pandemic Saturday (BKLN) 5. REVOK […]

Pandemic Gallery Presents: “Believe The Hype” An Art Summer Party (Brooklyn, NY)

Pandemic Gallery SUMMER GREETINGS! Join us on Saturday July 28th for BELIEVE THE HYPE! An all day event filled with art, music, games, food, drinks, and gushing wateras Pandemic throws a summer party!! Artists will paint the entire inside of the gallery into a stunning collaborative mural and smaller works such as Limited Prints / T-shirts […]

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