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BSA Film Friday: 01.03.14

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “SOMOS LUZ” – Boa Mistura in Panamá City 2. Giulio Vesprini by Alessandro Moglie 3. Ox Alien x Spider Tag in Rotterdam 4. Borondo in Rome with some Piety from The Blind Eye Factory BSA Special […]

Boa Mistura in Panama City say “Somos Luz” (We Are Light)

It’s easy to look at the façade of a massive housing complex and forget that there are individual stories inside. Boa Mistura “Somos Luz” (We Are Light). 2013. El Chorrillo, Panama (photo © Boa Mustura) From the neighborhood of El Chorrilo in Panama City comes a new face for that kind of building via the […]

BSA Covers the Globe, Top Stories with HuffPost in ’12

BSA is not just Brooklyn, you know. Last year we brought you new Street Art from Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore, Berlin, Boston, Bronx, Brooklyn, Brisbane, Bristol, Costa Rica, Chicago, China, Dominican Republic, The Gambia, Guatemala, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Istanbul, Italy, Jamaica, Johannesburg, Kenya, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Miami, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Norway, NYC, Palestine, Panama, Paris, […]

“NUART 2012” International Street Art Catalysts in Norway

“By far the best exhibition we’ve yet created,” says Martyn Reed, organizer of the Nuart 2012 street art festival as it draws to a close in Stavanger, Norway.  What’s left after two weeks of painting, panel discussions, and parties stands on it own; The Art. On old factory buildings, bricked stairways, in labyrinthine tunnels, and […]

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