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Discovering a “Magic City” in Dresden, Germany

A couple of weeks ago BSA was in Dresden, Germany to help lay plans for a new Street Art show opening there this fall called “Magic City” and naturally we hit the streets with bicycles three days in a row to see the city’s graffiti, Street Art, and murals whenever time would permit. The first […]

Labrona and Troy Lovegates Holding Up the Toronto Overpass

You ever wonder what’s going on under the overpass? People are holding it up, brother. That’s called people-powered infrastructure. Labrona . Other. Toronto, Ontario. 2015 (photo © Labrona) “I did the bottoms and painted on all four sides,” says Labrona of the pillars full of people who are holding the structure up with their arms […]

Happy New Year 2015 – BSA Readers Choice Top 10

Happy New Year to All! Thank you for inspiring us to do our best and to those of you who continue to support our personal art project / cultural examination, we extend our gratitude more than ever. Begun as an enthusiastic discovery of what was happening in a few neighborhoods in New York, we continued […]

It’s All the Rage, Street Artists Filing Lawsuits Left and Right

In what could be charitably described as a sign that Street Art has entered a new phase of cultural acceptance and appropriation, some creators of art in the public sphere are attempting to lay legal claim to the profit-making that they didn’t necessarily sign on to. In just the last few months a handful of […]

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