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MURAL Festival in Montreal Stakes a Claim for Street Art North

The MURAL Festival in Montreal took over Saint-Laurent Boulevard over the weekend with the work of more than 25 local, national and international Street Artists working separately and in concert across large walls for this first ever event, and many have taken notice. Nevermind the gossip on the street about mayoral corruption and an ongoing rancorous [...]

Mural Festival in Montreal: Day 4

DAY 4 at #MuralFestival Drawing to an end in Montreal, the artists are completing their murals even as the vendors and weekend art fans vacate the scene. Montreal enjoyed a heavy hammering of wall spectacle going up, paint battles being splashed, and throngs of fans going through many venues as there were more cameras than [...]

Mural Festival in Montreal. Day 3

DAY 3 at #MuralFestival Images are coming into focus as Street Artists are completing large portions of their walls at the first MURAL Festival in Montreal – even as the walls go back out of focus at night when you are having a couple of the local beers that make the city the second largest [...]

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