Brooklyn Street Art

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Opiemme Writes “To Stephen Hawking”

Famed cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking unveiled his ambitious Breakthrough Starshot two years ago; a plan to send a tiny, light-propelled robotic spacecraft through space. For a man of such brilliance the concept of transcending our limitations was a common one to contemplate and explore. Opiemme. Museo di Arte Urbana. Torino, Corso Tassoni, Italy. […]

Opiemme Paints a “Black Hole Sun” with Lyrics for Chris Cornell

A tribute to singer Chris Cornell today from Street Artists and calligramist Opiemme. Opiemme. “Black Hole Sun” Urban Forms Foundation. Lodz, Poland. June 2017. (photo © PAWEŁ TRZEŹWIŃSKI) Entitled “Black Hole Sun”, the lyrics of the Soundgarden song were stuck in the mind of the artist since Cornell passed in May. The monochrome layout of […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.11.17

“Yes, I’m an infowarrior,” says the African American yelling about how CNN is promoting Sharia Law in downtown Manhattan for the #MarchAgainstSharia and a short distance away someone is wrapping the “Fearless Girl” statue with a black burka. The infowarrior is wearing a red “Make America Free” baseball hat and very much seems like he […]

BSA Film Friday: 11.18.16

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Labrona Unveiled 2.  Opiemme: Lodz Of Eggs 3. Resoborg “Love Imvelo” in South Africa 4. Brad Eastman AKA Beastman in Sydney   BSA Special Feature: Labrona Unveiled Not exactly overlooked but perhaps under-sung, the work […]

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