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Images of The Week: 03.09.14

Hi Everybody! Two things – We saw a big uptick in next generation Street Artists this week in the Armory Week shows and wrote about it yesterday; New High-Water Mark for Street Art at Fairs for Armory Week. So that is Thing One. Thing Two is yesterday was warm – like 60 degrees. That’s all. [...]

Images Of The Week: 03.02.14

Our piece on the visiting guests from Afghanistan got a lot of attention this week, as well as the Kiev sculpture by Roti, perhaps because of the ongoing powder keg in Ukraine. It is as if global interest in the power of art to affect change is in the air — we feel like we [...]

Street Artist Olek Goes To Jail in Poland

Street Artist Olek went to jail this week. We’re pleased to report that she made quick friends and crocheted a 65 foot long wall hanging. “Pocaluj Przyszlosc” (Kiss the Future) is inscribed in a handwritten style crochet font across the corridor banner that leads the inmates to the outside world, should they ever be granted [...]

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