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BSA Images Of The Week: 07.20.14

  Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring 907 Crew, Ainac, Aero, Afrodoti Galazios, Blanco, Bleeps, Cash4, Daek, Dasic, Elbow-Toe, Fecks, Icy & Sot, IDT Crew, Mike Makatron, Miss 17, Mr. Penfold, Overunder, Seth, Sheryo, Smells, Sonni, Sweet Toof, The Yok, Tripel, UFO 907, Wolftits, and You Go Girl!. Top Image >> […]

Overunder with Flying Metal Gates in Cleveland for “Zoetic Walls”

OverUnder is swinging through Cleveland with his flying pull down gates, upside downy paper birds, bolts of bending flat energy, and circling blue DNA balls of cytosine. The visual dictionary that OU consults regularly for his street symbols varies and grows but often it pops with these metal gates that you’ll find throughout commercial strip […]

LNY, Gaia, Nanook and RAE in Cleveland for Zoetic Walls

New stuff from Cleveland today gives us a look at a project in the Waterloo District called Zoetic Walls that includes Street Artists LNY, Nanook, RAE and Gaia. RAE. Detail. Zoetic Walls. Cleveland, Ohio. June 2013. (photo © Pawn Works Gallery) “You are doing awesome stuff for our neighborhood – keep it up!” says Cleveland […]

GAIA In Cleveland, Landscapes and Coalmines

“Straight up, this is too thoughtful and too amazing, we are speechless,” says Nick Marzullo of Pawn Works as he looks at this newly aerosoled wall by Gaia in Cleveland. The large hand holds a gilded framed painting as if it is a snapshot, superimposing his ode to Yosemite Valley, the 1866 painting by German/American […]

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