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Fun Friday the 13th! 08.13.10

Atlanta Goes to HellBent
The long awaited Living Walls event in Atlanta officially begins today, even though 30 street artists have arrived over the last week and begun work in earnest. We’ve been hearing some amazing stories – and of course they’re ALL TRUE. Stay toooooned for special reporting from peeps on the ground and on the walls. Check out the Hellbent below from somebody’s blurry Iphone. HELL YEAH! Not a bad pic actually.

EINE: Hoodlum to Heralded
It can be a harrowing and a strange trip that some graff/street artists take, and here’s a new video that gives an intimate inside look at some of Eine’s journey from tagging trains to making what might be described as fine art. Just last month a piece by the talent was given to President Obama. “So it’s been a weird day today,” says a July 20th posting on Ben Eine’s website. “David Cameron has given one of my paintings to President Obama.”
In The Guardian article by Jon Henley last month, Eine was quoted last month reflecting on the two heads of state, “Cameron seems quite a positive kind of guy and Obama’s a dude”. Wonder if it’s in the Oval Office?

Not Safe For Work! Naked White Man Can Jump!
A stop motion video comprised of 2,600 photos of 20 year old Morgan Tespsic doing public performance art that otherwise may be called exhibitionism, if the locations weren’t so bucolic and unpopulated.

Images of The Week 06.27.10 at BSA

Our weekly interview with the street: this week featuring street art by Bast, Billi Kid, Bishop203,Brummel, El Sol 25, Faile, Grimus, Girl With Bikini, Homosapien Erectus, Kosbe, Mike Graves, Monkey, Over Under, WDZ, and ZHE155

Shepard Speaks to you on the Street, On Video, On Radio

Shepard Speaks to you on the Street, On Video, On Radio
Big Ups to Animal New York once again for this funny interview with Shepard Fairy on Houston Street a couple nights ago, where he addresses Guantanamo, Obama, campaign finance reform, and how the Banksy movie was marketed and is received.
Also you can catch some more cool “on the scene” pics from Becki Fuller on Street Spot!
And listen to Shepard Fairy’s interview on WNYC with Brian Lehrer yesterday.

Watch out kids – Shepard uses swear words in some of these answers.


Shepard Fairey Talks About “These Parties Disgust Me” from on Vimeo.

Saber on Dylan Ratigan Regarding, Um, Art

Now I know conservatives had art class in school too. That is, unless the funding was cut off because taxes had to be diverted elsewhere. And certainly we have been through this whole “Flag” discussion a thousand times. You’re probably too young to remember the big deal during Daddy Bush’s run for president about flag […]

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