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Dot Dot Dot Creates ‘Analogram’ as a Concrete Status Update in Norway

Some walls just lend themselves perfectly to a piece, don’t they? This arching-forward piece reminded Oslo-based DOT DOT DOT of the bending of a filmstrip and called to mind the continuous updating of images that people feel compelled to do right now in the “always on” social media world. DOT DOT DOT in Kristiansand, Norway […]

Dot Dot Dot & David De La Mano: Solstice in Bodø, Norway

Because you just can’t get enough warfare, return with us now to the land of the Vikings… DOTDOTDOT just collaborated with David de la Mano for an ellipses full of battling silhouetted Norsemen way up north, where the sun does not even go down this time of year. “The sun and the moon effect us […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 03.20.16

The Street Art world was shaken this week by the announcement and group action by BLU and friends in Bologna buffing/chipping away his street pieces in reaction to the opening of a new show there Friday night that contained BLU works done on a derelict building owned by someone else. The ironies are rampant when […]

NUART Upate: Ella & Pitr & Giant Return for a “Melt Down”

Taking their inventive humor from St Etienne back up north to Norway this month, the French duo Ella & Pitr found that the weather was not quite as warm and agreeable as last August when they completed the largest outdoor mural to celebrate Nuart’s 15th. During this visit they made a trip to the beach […]

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