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Never Crew “Propagating Machine” in Mannheim

A new mural this month from Switzerland based duo Nevercrew in Mannheim. Germany for Stadt.Wand, Kunst, 2017. The duo gridded out the massive reflective mass that looks like an uncut jewel, or a plastic bag full of refuse, or a chunk of melting ice. Never Crew “Propagating machine” for  Stadt.Wand.Kunsts, 2017. Manheimm, Germany. (photo © […]

BSA Images of the Week 10.09.16

Donald Trump didn’t change. Your “News” did. Any New Yorker on the street can tell you that Donald Trump has always been this way – he hasn’t made a “secret” of it. We just called this stuff “tabloid news”, and tabloids were an exception. Now they nearly rule all public discourse. Lowest-common-denominator “News” has produced […]

Never Crew: Ordering Machine – Grenoble 2016

Two whales are suspended from a clothing hanger as if dangling inside “an infinite closet” say Christian and Pablo, the guys who comprise Nevercrew. The glorious intelligent sensitive and graceful beasts of the seas are reduced to mere commodity, just two more options for humans to buy, sell, trade, consume, destroy. Nevercrew are themselves dangling […]

Never Crew: “Inhuman Barriers” and Cities Of Hope

Manchester in UK hosted a street art convention in May called “Cities of Hope” and 10 international artists worked on pieces that often addressed issues of social justice. Swiss duo Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni, who comprise Nevercrew, addressed the theme of immigration and there piece gives a sense of the seemingly impossible odds that […]

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