Brooklyn Street Art

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David De La Mano X Nemo’s Collabo in Abandoned Uruguay

La Mano is on the run.   Here in this abandoned spot in Uruguay his fairies and wolves and princesses without dresses in high pointed hennin hats are running and prancing and headed for the door. A Spaniard living in Montevideo for the last five years David De La Mano says he has been working […]

NemO’s Bunches Heads Together Like Grapes in Roman Suburb

This mural program is “maintaining a complete detachment from the speculation of the art system,” says Street Artist NemO’s of Muracci Nostri. However he looks quite attached to this wall. NemO’S. Primavalle, Rome. November 2016. (photo © Laura Lepera) Rappelling down its’ side using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a […]

BLU Allies : A Counter Exhibition to “Banksy & Co.” Launched in Bologna

An anti-Banksy & Co. Street Art show opened in Bologna Italy the same night as its controversial bank-backed cousin with brand new works by 50 or so Italian and international Street Artists and open admission to their outdoor ‘museum’.  “It is free and spontaneous, as Street Art should be,” says an organizer and participant named […]

NEMO’S “Mafia Capitale” on a Pork Slaughterhouse Outside Rome

Oh, don’t be maudlin, dearies, it’s just a lengthwise naked man whose head is being sliced off into gold medallions. Nemo’s is back on BSA with a new piece of a man in pieces. Mafia Capitale speaks to what the Italian Street Artist says is a confluence of organized crime, human trafficking, and a former […]

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