Brooklyn Street Art

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Blanco Freezes Street Art to Wall in Mongolia at -25 Degrees

New Yorkers are now complaining bitterly about the cold January weather because, well, it’s our job. In a city where opinions collide into each other daily about all topics like bumper cars at Coney Island, you can always get someone to complain about the weather, no matter the season. Brooklyn native and Street Artist Blanco […]

BSA Covers the Globe, Top Stories with HuffPost in ’12

BSA is not just Brooklyn, you know. Last year we brought you new Street Art from Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore, Berlin, Boston, Bronx, Brooklyn, Brisbane, Bristol, Costa Rica, Chicago, China, Dominican Republic, The Gambia, Guatemala, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Istanbul, Italy, Jamaica, Johannesburg, Kenya, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Miami, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Norway, NYC, Palestine, Panama, Paris, […]

Brooklyn-Mongolia Mashup : Faile Sprays with Locals in Ulaanbaatar

BSA Exclusive Photos of Faile Stenciling in Mongolia and “The Wolf Within” By way of cultural exchange, the Brooklyn street art/fine art collective known as Faile have just collaborated with artists in Mongolia to create new street works and a huge public sculpture for one of it’s largest parks. Faile. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 2012. (photo courtesy […]

Images of The Week 10.21.12

A lot of action on the street right now – people are in organized events, on commissioned walls and doing their own personal thang too.  Here’s our weekly interview with the street featuring Bast, Chris and Veng from Robots Will Kill, ECB, Faile, Jaye Moon, Jetsonorama, JM, Judith Supine, Meer Sau, Mr. Toll, ND’A, NoseGo, […]