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Hot Pink Flamingos in Miami with Ives One

Pink Flamingos are known as lawn ornaments, a ladies drink, and of course the classic John Waters movie. Pink Flamingos is also the name of a drag show down the strip from the 2 star hotel you flopped in last time you went gambling were out of town on business. Amsterdam based Ives One was [...]

The Power of Color via Street Art, Graffiti, and Murals

No doubt it is the grey days of late winter that is making us think about this as we brace for the next snowstorm, but today we’re considering the impact that Street Art color has on architecture that never asked for it. We’re not the first to think of hues, shades, tones, and palettes when [...]

Images Of The Week: 02.02.14

Welcome to New York! Apparently there is some sort of sporting event happening today here. Or is in New Jersey? So hard to tell. Something to do with tobogganing or something. Winter Olympics maybe? Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Chor Boogie, Chromo, Dain, Deived, El Sol 25, Jesse James, Katsu, Luut, [...]

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