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Fun Friday 06.01.12

1.    Bushwick Open Studios Starts Party >> Live Street Artists Doing Live Street Art! (Brooklyn) 2.    El Celso and La Luz (Brooklyn) 3.    Don Pablo Pedro at English Kills (Brooklyn) 4.    Street Art Pop Up Store (Brooklyn) 5.    Bishop 203 “Happy Torments” (Brooklyn) 6.    Dennis McNett Invites You to the Wolfbat Studios (Brooklyn) 7.    Pink […]

Mexico City: High Art in Thin Air

Capital Soars with Huge New International Street Art Murals An Amazing Week in DF with Interesni Kazki, El Mac, Saner, Sego, Roa, Herakut, Vhils, and Escif Gazing out at the sweep of metropolis that is modern Mexico City, you’ll have to catch your breath once in a while. A culture known for it’s historic public murals of […]

All City Canvas: Festival de Arte Urbano in Mexico City (Mexico City)

All City Canvas   ALL CITY CANVAS es un festival de arte urbano, a nivel internacional, que busca unir esfuerzos del movimiento alrededor del mundo, en un solo lugar durante una semana. La ciudad sede, en este caso, la Ciudad de México, ofrecerá sus mejores espacios para que nueve de los artistas más reconocidos del […]

Mexico City : A New Surrealist Face for Street Art

Comic, surrealist, role-playing psychological explorations, with a tip of the hat to Breton, Carrington, and Lucha Libre, among others. Pixel Pancho (photo © XAM) Mexico City culture can be as varied and diverse as it is homogeneous, with a respect for tradition and, when it comes to artistic expression, a catalyst for exploration. André Breton […]

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