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We Love Paris In The Spring Time! New Shots of Street Art.

When Cole Porter wrote “I love Paris in the Springtime!” in 1953 he probably was thinking of showgirls and their suitors and the wickedness of the Montmartre dance halls in the 1890s, but when photographer Sandra Hoj was in Paris last week she was thinking of aerosol paintings and paste-ups, and her enthusiasm was equal […]

NUART 2014 Roundup : Activism, Muralism, Graffiti and Aesthetics

The Norwegian mural festival named Nuart took place last week with a marked tilt toward the conceptual and the interventionist, a direct debate about the relevance of activism amidst a rising tide of sanctioned murals, and Tilt leading us down a path toward traditional graffiti. Ironically graffiti seemed a rather tame topic for once. TILT. […]

Project M/3 Opens for UN in Berlin and Martyn Reed on Table Etiquette

 “good table manners, social awareness, whether or not they are house trained…” Project M sounds like a James Bond plot feature, and if you’ve seen the smartly swarthy man of mystery at the helm of this installation you may expect him to scale the facade of the Urban Nation, instead of simply curate it. But […]