Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Images Of The Week: 05.13.18

A lot of action in Brooklyn these last few weeks thanks to a number of artists swinging through town for the Moniker Art Fair in Greenpoint, as well as the annual peregrination of artists who are arriving in the city that begins in earnest after the last danger of frost has passed. If you are […]

Mutants Mutate: Dippie Gets a Hand from Pear and Knox in Bushwick

When Kiwi Street Artist Owen Dippie dropped four ninjas in Brooklyn this July he conjectured to us that he might like to see what these Renaissance turtles looked like with a band of graffiti tags across the bottom. While we were happy to help him spread the news of Owen’s trackside work to the world […]

Images of the Week 10.11.09

I KNEW I should have come out with my slippers on. (Elbow Toe) (photo Jaime Rojo) A festive costume party of some sort. (Lost Space) (photo Jaime Rojo) Blue Goose (photo Jaime Rojo) Green Goose (photo Jaime Rojo) Deeker & Knox (photo Jaime Rojo) DickChicken (photo Jaime Rojo) DickChicken  (photo Jaime Rojo) There is a […]