Brooklyn Street Art

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Sisters Sojourn to Kingston to Update the Truth with Jetsonorama

Two new wheat-pasted and hand painted murals by Jetsonorama in New York State’s first capital call to memory the work of the abolitionist and former slave Sojourner Truth, who at one point called Kingston her home. Born as a slave she had a handful of white masters and endured untold sufferings for nearly three decades […]

GAIA Evokes “Artemis” to Promote Healthcare with O+ Festival

Obamacare is rolling out, and the greedy are pissed so they’re stabbing us in the government. In the meantime, musicians and artists of all types need routine dental and medical care. The O+ Festival in upstate New Yorks’ Hudson Valley is providing music, art, and medical care this weekend at their 4th annual cultural and […]