Brooklyn Street Art

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Koralie’s Trippy Folk Precision is Harmonized for “Indigo Blood Project”

Former French Street Artist Koralie is currently having an extensive solo gallery show of paintings, sculpture and installation with Johnathan LeVine Projects in Jersey City, and her geisha is not hard to find – at least her sunny spirit is here. Koralie. Detail. Indigo Blood Project. Jonathan LeVine Projects. (photo © Jaime Rojo) The signature […]

You’ve Got to Be “Delusional” : Art Competition Prizes Announced

Friendly reminder that the Delusional Art Competition is coming up and if you are going to submit your artwork to this years big shoo with Jonathan Levine Projects you have about 53 days. How Long? “Delusional” artist Trent Taft, finalist from 2017 Delusional Competition (©Trent Taft) Yep that’s right, artists from all backgrounds and styles […]

Delusional Again, Jonathan LeVine Is Looking For You

Uh-oh, looks like Jonathan’s stumbled onto something. A wild mushroom on a tree in the Enchanted Forest perhaps? A half-full dime bag on the deli floor? The contemporary art worlds Next Great Artist? Okay its true he may not be the very stable genius you were hoping for, but Jonathan LeVine does have a serious […]

Downtown Miami for the KOOL KIDS : Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017

Ahhhhh the sun! The sea! The cigarette butt stuck to my leg from last night. Also, did I wear ONLY this swimsuit and shoes, or did I originally go out with more clothes? Anyway this is Miami and the annual mural-street art-graffiti-gallery show-art fair-melee is afoot. Wherever you go in Wynwood you are bound to […]