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r1 Replicates/Repeats Street Sign Chevron in Johannesburg Installation

The chevron is a common symbol on the streets of Johannesburg and South African Street Artist r1 recently completed a new public art piece made entirely of them. Using 180 chevron plates from street-signs he drilled 400 holes into the 11 x 16 meter wall here, evoking the patterning of traditional African craftwork design and […]

BSA Film Friday: 07.14.17

1. Various & Gould: City Skins – Marx und Engels.
2. The Brutalism Appreciation Society/Gesellschaft zur Wertschätzung des Brutalismus
3. ESPO at Bien Urbain 2017
4. Faith47 in Johannesburg
5. Creative collaborators AXE in Barcelona for 12 + 1

ABOVE Goes Below for His Largest Mural Ever

To see ABOVE you will have to go way down below. Like near the bottom tip of Africa. South. Africa. Above for the City Of Gold Urban Arts Festival.  Johannesburg, South Africa. October 2015. (photo © Cale Waddacor) That’s where street artist ABOVE just completed this new upward pointing mural for the City of Gold […]

Acrylic Walls: Gaia, JAZ, Know Hope, Freddy Sam in S. Africa

A Month-Long Painting Project in Johannesburg and Cape Town Four Street Artists have been painting for about a month in Johannesburg and Cape Town as part of a project by Ricky Lee Gordon. “Acrylic Walls” highlights the maturing voices of a handful on today’s Street Art scene even as they continue to explore and experiment with […]

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