Brooklyn Street Art

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Sneak Peek “Concrete to Data” at Steinberg Museum

Curator and artist Ryan Seslow has pulled off an overview of art on the streets and the practices employed, minus the drama. So much discussion of graffiti, Street Art, and public art practice can concentrate on lore and turf war, intersections with illegality, the nature of the “scene”, shades of xenophobia and class structures; all […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.18.15

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Bifido, Caserta, Dylan Egon, Gaia, Gurld Master, Hunt, Joe Iurato, IMNOPI, Nando Zeve, Rubin 415, and Sean9Lugo. Top Image >> Oil portraits, botanicals, layers in Photoshop, and thee. Gaia for Savage Habbit. Jersey City, NJ. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Gaia for Savage Habbit. Detail. Jersey […]

A Miami Waterfront Stadium Slaughtered by Street Artists to Save It

Just over 50 years ago Cuban architect Hilario Candela designed the Miami Marine Stadium using modernist design to create a great open air theater along the water to watch powerboat racing. In the thirty or so years between its construction and Hurricane Andrew, the 6,566 seat stadium on Miami’s Virginia Key provided natural shade and […]

Tehran To NYC / NYC To Tehran, Curated by Icy & Sot

Iranian Brothers Generate Cultural Exchange Between Two Homes Icy & Sot, the Iranian Street Artists who have been making their mark on the New York scene for just two years are again making news by curating a gallery show that introduces Iran and the US to one another through the visual vernacular of Street Art. […]

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