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BSA Images Of The Week: 08.26.18 / Moscow Special

It’s part of the fascinating world that you inhabit when you follow street art – you have no idea what you will discover in any city at any time because of it’s LIVE daily evolutionary personality. Here in Moscow we don’t see so much of the improvisational extra-legal type of works that characterize cities like […]

URVANITY 2018: 3 Days in Madrid

Today we go to the Urvanity New Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid to see some art inside and outside the fair and to hear about some of the programming happening there, courtesy of Fernando Alcalá Losa. URVANITY New Contemporary Art Fair 2018 Or, “How we spent the whole weekend in Madrid enjoying art, friends and […]

Amsterdam Dances with Graffuturism and Stencil Masters

Amsterdam rocked the decks this month to celebrate urban contemporary art and street art in the Netherlands with visual and music based events giving artists many platforms to shine. BustArt and Fake for Urban Art Festival Amsterdam. (photo © courtesy of UAFA) Graffuturism, a term and movement coined a handful of years ago to describe […]

Lille Biennale: Update with Jana & JS, Psykoze, Nuria Mora, Baba Jung

The Biennale of Urban Art in Lille, in the north of France continues at a relaxed pace with new pieces including a new window pane reflective moment by the French-Austrian stencil couplt Jana & JS. Also included are new walls by Baba Jung, Nuria Mora, and Psykoze were completed these last two weeks. Here we […]

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