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Barlo and Andrea Casciu and “The Dance” : Housing, Squatters, Art

Barlo and Andrea Casciu did a summertime mural project in Bologna last week as a metaphorical commentary on machinations and struggles happening during the current housing crisis in Italy. It is an awkward, tormented series of movements in concert with and against partners entitled “The Dance”. Barlo . Andrea Casciu. Bologna, Italy. July 2015. (photo […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.28.15

Yo sis the joint was rockin this week in the USA with public healthcare snatched from the jaws of defeat, Same Sex Marriage approved by the Supreme Court coast to coast, and Obama singing Amazing Grace at a heart-breaking memorial after the racist shootings in Charleston. Locally we were happy to work with Chip Thomas […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.24.15

New York is bittersweet as we are welcoming summer this weekend and remembering those who served and who were lost in war as well (Memorial Day); amidst a changing political atmosphere where the country is tentatively beginning to seriously debate whether the US should have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. So it’s also Fleet Week […]

BIFIDO’s Surrealist Fairy Tale on a Wall in Bologna

Children inhabit a world full of possibilities that inexplicably contains winged animals, adults, ghosts, candy, race cars, dancing in circles, Angela Merkel, Prince Charming, spiderwebs, sidewalk chalk, Beyonce, and the ability to fly without a plane – all coexisting together in harmony in the same story. Bifido understands. Bifido with young fans. (photo © Courtesy […]

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