Brooklyn Street Art

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Nafir & FRZ in Milan: Mandalas to Stop War

Nafir (left) “Flight of Eslimi” and FRz (right) “Fa Kingz” recent collaboration in Milan, Italy. (Photo © Andrea Fortis) Two new street mandalas here in Milan, Italy from two Street Artists from Iran, Nafir and FRZ. Not surprisingly, the theme is peace, something that feels very endangered in certain parts of the world due to […]

Canemorto X Studio Cromie Salute this “Golden Age” in Famed Grottaglie

“Angelo, you’ve brought many oafs here,” says his mom at the dinner table, “but these guys… ” “They really look like rabid dogs,” remarks his father. Yo Daddy, you’re closer to the truth than you may realize. Canemorto rapping through the winding streets of Grottaglie, Italy in Golden Age. Everyone’s favorite Italian trio of graffiti-writing, […]

Andreco Charts Sea Level Rise Predictions Along Venice Canal

“Man is nature becoming conscious of itself ”    ~Elisée Reclus Focusing his public art and Street Art work on raising our consciousness about the Earth and drawing the connections between us and our environment has been Andreco’s focus for most of this century. Like the 15,000 strong Union of Concerned Scientists who just released a […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 07.30.17

We really dig these new collaged political cartoons that are on the street as quickly as the weeks news – each depicting one of the many rich white men who are impacting our minds and our bank accounts and our health and sense of security right now. Are we watching the White House or Good […]

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