Brooklyn Street Art

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Opiemme, The Alphabet, Migrants and a Kindergarden Mural

Yup, that’s what kids need to help them learn their ABC’s – a mural that combines a poem inside a hybrid of flamingo, stork, crane, heron, and cormorant. Also, it is good to have smaller animals carrying letters across the wall to the door one at a time. Opiemme. L’Apperto 2016. Roccavignale, Italy. October 2016. […]

Vlady Art: Gossiping Sicilians and “Old School CCTV”

Vlady Art. Agata. Old School CCTV. Sicily, Italy. October 2016. (photo © Vlady Art) A prankster and social critic in his public manifestations of art and installation, Vlady Art is one of a few artists whom we can think of in Europe today who consider their efforts an important catalyst for public dialogue. At times […]

Barlo X “Gods In Love” and the Moulting of Cicadas in Italy

Summer’s orchestra of sounds are joined at some juncture by the song of the cicada, and usually that means we are at the very height of this warm and sticky season, just before slowly returning to a cooler one. Street artists Barlo and Gods in Love just painted this in Italy, where the cicadas were […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 08.14.16

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring 907 Crew, Aneko, Cash4, City Kitty, COST, D7606, Gregos, LMNOPI, Opiemme, Phlegm, Pork, Rambo, Smells, UFO, Vhils, and Vudo Child. Our top image: “Heading to Coney Island to catch some waves…” This small wheat pasted illustration on a NYC subway platform caught our attention for […]

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