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Thomas Canto at Wunderkammern; Abstractions and Graffuturism in Space

For his first Italian solo show Still Lifes of Space Time, Thomas Canto is creating a site-specific installation at Wunderkammern and hoping to take the audience into a more participatory experience of dimension. Using video projection mapping the planes intersecting and turning will produce a 3 D effect inside the gallery that may evoke how […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 11.15.15

We start this weeks “Images of the Week” with a new piece on the street in Paris and we end the collection with many more inspired by the same events. A large number of artists took to the streets Friday night and yesterday to express grief and solidarity for 129 people killed Friday in Paris […]

Dont Fret Takes Europe, and We All Feel Better

When you hear the name of Street Artist Don’t Fret you can be assured that he means exactly the opposite. Exposing random and selected people’s faults, foibles, and fraternizing habits is just a way to quickly capture the free-wheeling imaginings and inner conversations that Don’t Fret has running through his head almost continuously. On his […]

Nemo’s Hangs Us Out to Dry “Without Name” in Italy

Nemo’s is hanging us all out to dry with his newest mural on a multi-story factory wall in Messina, Italy that features his familiar hapless chaps clipped to a clothesline, sans clothes.   Nemo’s. Messina, Italy. October, 2015. (photo © Nemo’s) His critique is of a shallow and shock-addicted press and media that exaggerates and […]

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