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Cane Morto “TOYS” Exhibition in Milan

Man against man. Man against God. Man against himself. Man against gratuitously opinionated and parochial graff heads, Street Art fanboys, and self-appointed explainers of the “rules” of the street. These are a few of the recurring themes in “TOYS” by the Italian free-thinking brutalists and long-pole bucket painters named Canemorto in their exhibition with Superfluo […]

A ROA Diary Update in Pictures

A ROA update today – with many exclusive photos here for BSA readers with personal pictures taken and selected by the artist himself. The Belgian Street Artist, whom we long ago christened as an “Urban Naturalist”, has quite defined the category. He’s well traveled and well regarded. He can’t seem to stand still; Borders for […]

Resurrecting the Church with Air Sculpture by Edoardo Tresoldi

Soaring Architectural Sculpture Recalls a Long Lost Holy Place An astounding display of the volume and spatial relations defined by the built environment is now rising in Siponto, Italy thanks to the imagination of street artist/public artist Edoardo Tesoldi, and thousands of cubic feet of wire. “I imagined being able to draw in the air, […]

Opiemme: Poetry Hanging Among Cherry Blossoms in Bologna

Like so many chinese firecrackers strung together and hanging from bus stops, street signs and cherry tree limbs, individual poems dangled overhead Bologna people as they walked through the city center on March 21st. The installations are an unsponsored freewill campaign to give away poetry on small scrolls, part of a festival called DIALOGARTI where […]

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