Brooklyn Street Art

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Nevercrew: “Cluster” In Novara, Italy.

A certain defined maritime surrealism again provides us the lens through which NEVERCREW interprets the dominance and selfish behaviors of man over nature and how they continue to backfire. A “Cluster” of sea animals and binder clips and folders float on over and below one another in this new mural in Novara, Italy. Nevercrew. “Cluster” […]

Mr. Fijodor: “Life Below Water” for #Envision2030 in Turin

An appreciable number of Street Artists around the world continue to address climate change with their work, whether small stickers or large murals, often with a focus on the animals that cohabitate with humans. Functioning perhaps as the canary in a coalmine, this rising number or artists and creatives is beginning to sound like a […]

Bifido Photo-Mythology at “FART” Festival in Cerignola, Italy

FART Fatti Urbani is a two day festival (Oct 6&7) in the Municipality of Cerignola in the south of Italy (population 58,534)  that holds as its central hub an interest in Street Art and Urban Culture. In this context Street Art is primarily a reference to mural art, rather than the practice of unsanctioned art-making […]

NemO’s, Ericailcane and Andrea Casciu Ride a Tandem Resistance In Bologna, Italy.

Highlighting collective efforts that advance events during war and the tales of heroism, butchery, resistance, intrigue, and subterfuge that are braided into historical retelling, three Italian Street Artists commemorated citizen resistance and a Nazi massacre in a lengthy mural for the Penneli Ribelli Festival this month in Bologna. Naked men share the elongated tandem bicycle […]

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