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Fabio Petani Combines Art, Nature, Chemistry in Naples

O sciore cchiù felice (the happiest flower)  “The happiest flower is the one that is able to have a secure foundation, to receive joy and nourishment.” We paraphrase the Italian muralist Fabio Petani about the name of his new piece in Parco dei Murales in Naples. Fabio Petani. “O sciore cchiù felice”. Parco dei Murales. […]

Biancoshock Regrets Nothing

“Regrets, I’ve had a few But then again, too few to mention” ~ Frank Sinatra – “Nazi punks, fuck off!” ~Dead Kennedys Bianchoshock. “Regrets” Cremona, Italy. 2018. (still from the video courtesy of Biancoshock) Italian word-player and sociologist Biancoshock examines again the famed throw up and the innerworkings of his brain to bring us this […]

Mr. Fijodor With Love, Dragons, Robots From Torino

Monsters, whales, deer, dragons, dogs, birds, fictional creatures from the woods, very surprised looking people; these are the figures who appear in the murals of Italian Street Artist Mr. Fijordor. A graff writer/ Street Artist since 1994, the quietly engaging wit of his simple illustrations are meant to converse with passersby. Mr. Fijodor. Torino, Italy. […]

Canemorto & Angelino Release “Golden Age”

Not quite Domingo, Carreras, and Pavarotti but it’s still an historic achievement in the field of music. The inimitable trio of lively street canines known as Canemorto (dead dog) have just dropped a new track straight from Italy entitled “Gipsy Kings”, the eponymous single from their EP “Golden Age”, performed near the end of the […]

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