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Bifido Takes Off Mask in Bonito, Italy

The inner world of kids. Bifido. “Basil Hallward”. Collettivo Boca. Bonito, Italy. June 2018. (photo © Bifido) Bifido is frequently using his photography and wheatpastes to conjure a realistic vision of the plays and odysseys that children imagine, balancing as they do along the margins of reality and fantasy. In this new piece he just […]

WASP Crew in Turin with a Elegant, Migratory Stork

Migration is as human as it is aviary, and Italian graffiti writer/mural painting duo the WASP collective tells us with this new painting of a stork. Eddyone a.k.a. Edoardo Kucich and Ride a.k.a. Gabriele Guareschi are on top of a building in Turin painting a vertical mural that celebrates extols the elegant migratory bird here […]

Opiemme Writes “To Stephen Hawking”

Famed cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking unveiled his ambitious Breakthrough Starshot two years ago; a plan to send a tiny, light-propelled robotic spacecraft through space. For a man of such brilliance the concept of transcending our limitations was a common one to contemplate and explore. Opiemme. Museo di Arte Urbana. Torino, Corso Tassoni, Italy. […]

Fabio Petani Combines Art, Nature, Chemistry in Naples

O sciore cchiù felice (the happiest flower)  “The happiest flower is the one that is able to have a secure foundation, to receive joy and nourishment.” We paraphrase the Italian muralist Fabio Petani about the name of his new piece in Parco dei Murales in Naples. Fabio Petani. “O sciore cchiù felice”. Parco dei Murales. […]

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