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Windows of Her Soul: Saint Bernadette Appears at Sicilian Church

Collettivo FX and Saturday Prayer Services in Sicily She’s a saint! A patron saint for Catholic believers who looks out for the poor, the ill, and shepherds and shepherdesses, who lived in France in the 1800s and is buried there at a convent.  Collettivo FX gave her windows for eyes at this abandoned church in [...]

BSA Film Friday 12.05.14

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Street Artist GAIA, Super Modernity in Italy, Austria, Turkey 2. JR: RIVAGES  a film by Guillaume Cagniard 3. Curiot at the Mexico City’s Youth Institute BSA Special Feature: Street Artist GAIA, Super Modernity in Italy, Austria, [...]

NEMO’S Watering Thoughts to See What Grows

It’s just another comedic grotesque figurative painting from the Italian Street Artist Nemo’s.  Nothing to lose your head over. Hidden in an abandoned place in the mountains, Nemo’s and Julieta Xlf share with you their collaboration entitled ‘Watering”, with Julieta painting the branches and leaves. Have you ever heard that saying “geranium in the cranium”? [...]

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