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Göla Finding Direction with a Deer God for Viavai Project in Italy

By way of re-balancing our chakras today, we check in with Göla and his new mural of the Deer God for the Viavai Project in Salento, Italy. Along with Street Artists like Pastel, Ozmo, Eversiempre, CT, Basic, and Tellas, the festival takes the position that art in public spaces can shift the center of gravity away [...]

BSA Images Of The Week: 07.13.14

Apparently there is another spectacular sporting event that’s got everyone captivated today and for a couple hours it will be easy to get a cronut or a seat on the subway because people will be worshipping flat screens inside a dark sports bar on the Lord’s Day. We recommend you jog right over to the [...]

Images Of The Week: 06.15.14

Hello friend! Don’t forget that Welling Court is happening this weekend in Queens. The 5th annual neighborhood event has over 120 murals going up, and it is truly grassroots.  Icy & Sot had their very successful cultural exchange this Friday as well, with 30 New York artists showing in Tehran, and 10 Iranian artists showing [...]

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