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BSA Images Of The Week: 07.09.2017

Culture Vultures, yo. Those folks and corporations and brands who don’t originate, but they sure know how to take. They’ve been around for millenia, but are always a surprise anyway. This week the graffiti comedian Klops leads the way on Images of the Week. He’s always cracking us up with his social/political commentary – like […]

Nychos “Battlecat” and Lauren YZ “Night Flight” in Providence

Exclusive shots today for you from Nychos and Lauren Ys in with his “Battlecat” and her “Night Flight” in Providence, Rhode Island. With styles that are complimentarily in some of their fantasy based origins, you can discern differences in personal style. As you might guess, these two artists have also collaborated successfully on pieces, most […]

Street Art Sancocho : “ArteSano Project” Brings Dominican Flavor (VIDEO)

New Year, new mural festival!  Truthfully, the appearance of new mural festivals today is faster than annual – it’s more like quarterly – but this one in the Dominican Republic was inaugurated three weeks ago and brings a certain hand crafted authenticity that holds promise for its future. Jade. ArteSano Project. Rio San Juan, Dominican […]

EVOCA1 Addresses Addiction in Providence, RI

“Addiction is a hard battle, and even when sober, the next fix is always lurking around the corner tempting you to fall back into that pit,” says Nicholas of INOPERAbLE Gallery, as he looks at this new piece by EVOCA1  “Sometimes you need a bit of help.” EVOCA1 is offering encouragement with his can-wielding skills […]

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