Brooklyn Street Art

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Praying for Money with INO in Ibiza

Yes, money falling from the sky, that’s what people pray for sometimes. As long as those metal coins flying at high speed don’t hit you or your dog, it would appear to be a splendid idea. INO had the scenario in mind in Ibiza, Spain for the BLOOP festival, and he painted this mural of […]

BSA Film Friday: 06.01.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “The US Tapes” with Fatheat and TransOne 2. Said Dokins: Stories of a Word 3. INO: Lost in Greece 4. Low Bros x Viva Con Agua BSA Special Feature: The US Tapes with Fatheat and TransOne […]

INO and “LOST” in the Port of Piraeus, Greece

She’s lost, so much on her mind. INO. “Lost” Greece. May 2018. (photo © INO) The triangulation of financial, governmental, and corporate power locked Greece (and Europe) in a downward spiral only three years ago, and although there are some signs of stabilization this year, the downturn “wiped out a quarter of the nation’s economic […]

INO and “Broken” in Fortaleza, Brazil

The Greek Street Artist INO has been consistently observing the social and political factors that are at play in modern society and has been addressing these themes through his work painting large murals in more cities around the world. This week in Fortaleza aside the Atlantic in northeastern Brazil, INO created a headless female form […]

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