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Praying for Money with INO in Ibiza

Yes, money falling from the sky, that’s what people pray for sometimes. As long as those metal coins flying at high speed don’t hit you or your dog, it would appear to be a splendid idea. INO had the scenario in mind in Ibiza, Spain for the BLOOP festival, and he painted this mural of […]

Spaik Snakes Back to The Tunnel In Ibiza

For the BLOOP Festival in Ibiza this year Mexican artists Spaik swirls around inside a tunnel with a folkloric styled, two fanged, tongue wagging snake, taking advantage of perspective and a unique throughway to add drama to the reptilian slither. If this piece is related to this years  theme of “Changes”, then it looks like […]

The “Melting Earth” and INO at Bloop Fest Ibiza 2017

Topical and timely, street artist INO has the scoop on global warming right now at the Bloop Festival in Ibiza, Spain. INO “Melting Earth”. Bloop Festival 2017. Ibiza, Spain. July 2017. (photo © Mr. Mini) A woeful visual play on the cold summer treat that kids in many countries have associated with good times, this […]

Spaik Brings Symbolic Eagle to Address Fear in Paris and Ibiza

Mexican modern folkloric muralist Spaik participated in the Bloop Festival in Ibiza during the month long proactive music festival that is now in its fifth year. With a general ethos that “Art is for Everybody”, Bloop invites a number of artists each year to create works all over this town that for two decades has […]