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BSA Film Friday 04.10.15

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. The Reinvention of Normal: Dominic Wilcox 2. Rallitox: Chicken Murder on Williamsburg Street Corner 3. Abdel Maged Amara: LIES – The Street Walkers 4. Sbagliato in London Creates a False Hallway 5. Hitnes in Rome: Blind […]

Hitnes Hits Piazza San Basilio for SANBA in Italy

Sanba is a program engaging the built public environment of suburban Rome with the aesthetics of the modern Street Art and muralism movement. For the last two years under the curation of Simone Pallotta, Sanba has found new locations for painting in the public sphere and engage in the cultural and civic building senses as […]

The 2014 BSA Year in Images (VIDEO)

Here it is! Our 2014 wrap up featuring favorite images of the year by Brooklyn Street Art’s Jaime Rojo. Before our video roundup below here is the Street Art photographer’s favorite of the year: Ask Jaime Rojo, our illustrious editor of photography at , who takes thousands of photographs each year, to respond to […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 07.06.14

Now we’re in the thick of it – summer murals and independent interventions all. Regardless of technique, experience or background, artists of all stripes are bringing new works on walls across the city, including our top image this week which is by someone new to the street, Turkish fine artist, painter, designer Anil Duran in […]

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