Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

Sten & Lex in Rome for “Matrici Distrutte”

Delving into the esoteric, nearly conceptual milieu of Street Art, Sten Lex (previous Sten & Lex) are best known for their systemically/randomly destroyed enormous black and white photographic portraits. Using a stencil technique we are pretty sure they pioneered, they have used the physicality of the discarded pieces of stencil for years, partially pealed and […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 10.05.14

School’s back in session, the Jews just celebrated a new year, Kobra painted new portraits of Warhol and Basquiat in Williamsburg, and if you were at Brooklyn Museum last night you got to see Street Artist and muralist Don Rimx and us live – and us with markers in our hands looking completely lost. But […]

Aakash Nihalani and “Vantage” in Rome

Remember when we had our big group show in 2009 called “Crush”? It was the first time Aakash Nihalani did a three-dimensional piece on a backing – instead of simply applying it to a wall – effectively doing his first free-standing gallery piece. The stylized pink tape and mirrored phallus went along with our street […]

Dan Witz Darkly and With a Smile in Rome

Piquing the public’s curiosity is a studied art. Dan Witz is now doing it darkly on Roman streets. It’s out in the open, but let’s keep it between us. Dan Witz. “Public and Confidential” Rome, Italy 2013. (photo © Giorgio Coen Cagli) The hyperrealist is in this two and a half-thousand year old city drilling […]