Brooklyn Street Art

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Gilf! in the Maze Says “Trust Your Vision”

A new optic vibration under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood by Street Artist Gilf! has been installed for passersby to decode and in a recent conversation with the artist she frankly reveals that she’s has been just as busy decoding her own myriad motivations for doing art in the public sphere. The piece [...]

Tehran To NYC / NYC To Tehran, Curated by Icy & Sot

Iranian Brothers Generate Cultural Exchange Between Two Homes Icy & Sot, the Iranian Street Artists who have been making their mark on the New York scene for just two years are again making news by curating a gallery show that introduces Iran and the US to one another through the visual vernacular of Street Art. [...]

New High-Water Mark for Street Art at Fairs for Armory Week

This year represents a high-water mark for current Street Artists being represented at the New York fairs if what we have just seen over the last couple of days is any indication. For those who have been following the trajectory of the new kids we’ve been talking about for the last decade, the room is [...]

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