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Nevercrew Reifies on “One Wall” in Berlin

Nevercrew is unifying in Berlin with their new “One Wall” project with Urban Nation. The immense marine mammals depicted are not typical in their upright position in this reflective scene. Are they flying? Art they floating? The artists tell us that they decided on the configuration based on the building walls themselves and are surprised […]

BSA Film Friday: 03.23.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1.The Subconcious Art of Graffiti Removal 2. Bushwick Collective Block Party 2017 3. Street Art Berlin 2018 – Yasha’s Friends 4. Adnate: Indigenous Recognition in Sheep Hills – Silo Art Documentary 5. Alva Moca 12 + 1 […]

Lapiz: The Hero Is You

New Zealand’s Lapiz has been working on a new stencil in Germany to address who is a hero in the battle against surveillance and loss of privacy. Lapiz. “The Hero Is You”. Hamburg, Germany. (photo © Lapiz) In this private commission on a house in Hamburg, Lapiz pushes Edward Snowden front and center, under a […]

‘Wandelism’ Brings Wild Change for One Week in Berlin

A partnership of artists, curators, and real estate interests is giving a seriously entertaining show this week to Street Art and Graffiti Fans with this site-specific exhibition of ingenious interventions of many disciplines. Primarily Berlin-based artists and spearheaded by organizers Señor Schnu, Baye Fall and Moritz Tonn, we’re pleased that we have a first-person account […]

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