Brooklyn Street Art

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Batbamacare, Bane Capitalist – Street Artist Election Parody on Web by General Howe

Holy Healthcare, Batbama! Conceptual Street Artist General Howe will be sticking a pointy eared mask onto Obama’s photo after the presidential debate tonight – as he writes his next report for the Super Election News website. A screengrab from the art parody blog by conceptual street artist General Howe called “Super Election News 2012″ One [...]

Art In Odd Places: The Crest Hardware Art Show

Your local hardware store could also be the next “It” neighborhood gallery if they take Joe Franquinha’s lead.   The second generation owner of Crest Hardware in Brooklyn’s north side has been launching an art show for the last few years in this former working class neighborhood that began swimming with artists a decade ago. [...]

Memorials on the Street

The US officially remembers service members who died in wars today. War touches every aspect of our daily lives whether through loss or gain, impacting our individual and group psyche, economy, memory, liberty, history.  Street Artists sometimes grapple with  war and related themes in their work for everyone who passes to see. Here are a [...]

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