Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Film Friday: 02.13.15

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. The Lurkers: “Bricks of Parmigiano” 2. India’s Largest Mural: Tribute to Dadasaheb Phalke 3. Rone goes to Hollywood 4. CERN: Updating Philosophies 5. General Howe Hijacks GI Joe: “Hector Delgado Has PTSD” 5. No Limit Street […]

Sneak Peek “Concrete to Data” at Steinberg Museum

Curator and artist Ryan Seslow has pulled off an overview of art on the streets and the practices employed, minus the drama. So much discussion of graffiti, Street Art, and public art practice can concentrate on lore and turf war, intersections with illegality, the nature of the “scene”, shades of xenophobia and class structures; all […]

GIFFITTI and the Eye Popping Animations of Ryan Seslow

You think that maybe the animated GIF is the equivalent of graffiti on the digital wall? Artist Ryan Seslow has been experimenting for a little while with that hyper eye-blitzing looping tag called the animated GIF – and today you’re getting splendid platter of GIFs like holiday cookies glistening before you. With bright visual references […]

Batbamacare, Bane Capitalist – Street Artist Election Parody on Web by General Howe

Holy Healthcare, Batbama! Conceptual Street Artist General Howe will be sticking a pointy eared mask onto Obama’s photo after the presidential debate tonight – as he writes his next report for the Super Election News website. A screengrab from the art parody blog by conceptual street artist General Howe called “Super Election News 2012” One […]

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