Brooklyn Street Art

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New Shots from Open Walls Baltimore 2

Open Walls Baltimore 2 has begun and only a few pieces have been completed but we thought you’d like to take a look, courtesy photographer and BSA Contributor Geoff Hargadon, who was tooling around one afternoon. This spring Baltimore will be hosting a list that includes Zbiok, Anttu Mustonen, Ozmo, Nanook, Logan Hicks, Lesser Gonzalez, [...]

“Outdoor Gallery” Surveys Current Street Art Scene in NYC

Outdoor Gallery – New York City by Yoav Litvin The outdoor gallery is the one we visit most and NYC is always front and center in our heart even as we branched out to about 100 other cities and towns last year.  Outdoor Gallery – New York City is also the name of the brand new [...]

BSA Film Friday 11.29.13

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. SOFLES — LIMITLESS 2. GAIA in Rome 3. OLEK Underwater Treasures 4. Heavy Metal Progeny on the Streets 5. The Lurkers Do Sarajevo 6. Portrait of the artist Franck Duval/FKDL 7. Chatroullette Version of Miley [...]

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