Brooklyn Street Art

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“Pintemos Mexico” with Specter, OverUnder, Shente and Libre in Ensanada

Irish Catholics like Specter always get romantic when they see the Virgin Mary being worked into a mural. The Brooklyn based Street Artist just got back from the heavily catholic country of Mexico (Ensenada) where the virgin Guadalupe is the local version that people revere and he says he was inspired by the “Tree of [...]

Images Of The Week: 10.06.13

New York was rattled by uncertainty and worry this week as all eyes turned to Washington to witness the forced governmental shutdown that was prompted by a undeniably deep resentment toward the governed. How dare the people try to protect their health and pocketbook against the vulturish free market – one that has left tens [...]

BSA Film Friday: 10.04.13

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening: Hot Tea “Rituals”, Gabriel Specter: “Structures” in Rome, Faith47, Omen, Ricardo Cavolo and Jasper Wong in Montreal, TOUR 13 in Paris, and Then One “Yard Work”. BSA Special Feature: Hot Tea “Rituals” In his second attempt at [...]

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