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Sweden Starts “No Limit” Mural Festival in Borås

It isn’t just Nuart any more. Scandinavia is taking their mural festivals seriously thanks to buoyant economies, arts programming support, and a growing global appreciation for art in the streets in general. Included in the list of recent festivals are Denmark’s Galore (Copenhagen) and We Aart (Aalborg) and Sweden’s Artscape (Malmö) as well as the [...]

Michael Beerens: Stop Slavery

Modern slavery takes many forms, and is known by many names: slavery, forced labor or human trafficking. A star of yesterday’s BSA Film Friday, here is French Street Artist Michael Beerens sharing pics of his latest mural somewhere in France. A student of character studies, especially zoological ones, Beerens makes one pretty powerful statement without [...]

Bien Urbain 2014 in Besançon, France

Artistic Routes Through and with Public Spaces The month long 4th Edition of Bien Urbain just wrapped in Besançon, France and the results are predictably rather awesome due to the quality of the work, the site selections, and the integrated nature of the entire presentation. “It is not about designing an open-air art gallery or [...]

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