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ASTRO Brings a New “Perpetual Illusion” to Epinal

French Artist Creates Illusory View in a Town Famous for It’s Prints of Another Century ASTRO. Epinal, France. June 2018. (photo © Galerie Mathgoth) Known for its humorist take on daily norms of societal behavior, historical events, fantasy adventures in the imagined world, and European man’s manifest destiny to conquer, the famous Imagerie d’Epinal flourished […]

Jef Aérosol Creates Huge Fresco in Paris Sud for Wall Street Art Festival

“He wanted to highlight youth, its beauty and diversity,” says Gautier Jordain about French stencil master Jef Aérosol for this new public mural he just completed in Evry, in the south of Paris. Jef Aérosol. Wall Street Art Festival of Grand Paris Sud. Evry, France. (photo © Mathgoth Gallery) One of his biggest frescoes to […]

Spidertag’s Impromptu GOAL! In Marseille

GOAL! Call it the ‘World Cup Effect’ as your daily news features rousing updates about wild eyed athletic men kicking a ball on a grassy plane in Russia. How this impacts your day, one cannot be sure, but don’t tell that to your brother-in-law, who is currently screaming something and jumping up and down in […]

Gola Hundun Brings Botanicals and Bees to Paris

Now that we have had our longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and Solstice has stirred libidos, plunging us into midnight runs through abandoned lots and local parks and naked splashing in the fountains, we leave our cities for something more botanical. It’s instructive that despite the many wonders of the built […]

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