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“The Wack Donald’s Project” and Mr OneTeas

The actual street and the digital version of it are now intrinsically linked and often if you see new occurrences of street art it takes just a bit of searching online to find out more about the artist and what they are up to. This week we were surprised to find these posters that incorporate […]

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Helping BP Re-Brand: Artists Offer New “Creative”

New Logo Redesign Contest Offers Artists Opportunity to Go Beyond Petroleum

Corporations routinely use the talents of artists to make new “Creative” for their campaigns; Freelancers paying off their school loans working without benefits, sick days or vacation, brought in on a “contract” basis to help flesh out and “work over” new branding and campaign ideas. Demographics, psycho-graphics, emotional triggers, colors, shapes, words, treatments. Artists help sell the brand, the image – from packaging to video to stickers to t-shirts to billboards to pop-ups in the men’s room. Sorry, listening to George Michael as I write this.

For BP, whose Helios logo was itself a greenwashing of it’s old image in ’02, the needs for spin control these days are spinning out of control. In a random act of “street art” just last week we showed you a “treatment” someone did with their sign in lower Manhattan, “NYC Street Renders a BP Opinion”.